Why Websites Require Regular Maintenance

All websites require regular maintenance.

You can’t build a website and expect to “set it and forget it”. This is because of the complexity of the online environment. For example, you have your website that is built on a code framework like WordPress, Drupal, or .NET. Add to that plugins like social media feeds, calendars, slideshows, forms, video, chatbots, etc.

Each of these is its own application with its own codebase. This whole thing is hosted on a server, which is physical hardware that runs a variety of different programs like network and security software. The server lives on the internet (or the “cloud”), that is a network consisting of billions of applications, many of them unfriendly that want to gain control of your website so they can exploit your content and your online footprint.

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Constantly Expiring Code

Your website code, the plugins you are using, and even the server software are continually expiring and need to be upgraded to newer versions. These upgrades do not happen magically, they need to be programmed and/or manually done.

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If you don’t upgrade you run the risk of breaking your website or creating a hole that will make it easier to hack your business. This is why we strongly recommend you establish a monthly website maintenance strategy that consists of upgrades, backups, and additional security and website checkups. These services are often offered by hosting companies. Unfortunately, the hosting company service may not be adequate due to these 5 reasons:

  1. Hosting companies automate the whole update process – if your website has custom code it will probably fail the update and break.
  2. Plugins and extensions aren’t usually included in the hosting company update.
  3. There is little to no human oversight, this means that if the update breaks some graphics, or links, or changes a page layout, no one will know about it until the public sees it.
  4. There’s more to maintenance than just upgrades, security, backups, site speed checks, and other factors all relate to website maintenance.
  5. If something does break, the hosting company probably won’t fix it, they may tell you that you need to find a developer to repair the site or upgrade it yourself.
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At Executionists, we maintain many of our clients’ websites and ensure they are up and running smoothly. In fact, we offer a “Secure Pack” which is our monthly maintenance and upgrade service. For more information contact us at Executionists.

And check out our quick video on website maintenance on our YouTube channel.

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Richard Parr
by Richard Parr
Posted: October 26, 2018