Is Your Website Helping Your Business Stand Out? Understanding Branding With The Hamburger Approach

If someone dropped a plain hamburger patty and a cold bun on your plate, would you find it appetizing? Probably not. Even though the hamburger patty is the main component of the burger, it’s the other ingredients that add flavor and make the whole burger so delicious. The same goes for your web branding strategy. 

In the Hamburger Approach, the hamburger patty represents your website. It’s usually the main focus of your online business, but you need to add strategic ingredients to make your online brand distinctive, memorable, and bring the customers to your door. Ultimately, this is what distinguishes your brand from your competitors. Or, why you choose In-N-Out over McDonald’s. 

Branding Ingredients Include:

  • Paid Online Ads
  • Email Campaigns
  • Content
  • SEO
  • Hosting
website Branding Strategy Infographic


Determine If Your Current Website Branding Strategy Is Effective

Knowing whether or not your customers like tomatoes is important. I.E. what type of content are your providing and are you placing it on the appropriate channels? For example, does your ideal client search for your services through a google, or do they source their information/shop through a specific social media platform?

Additionally, the time clients spend on your website, and on what pages, can help you understand where you can be more effective. An analytics tool will tell you a lot about how your website is doing. Most analytic tools take a designer only an hour to install. When designed effectively, all of these components will elicit emotions that lead your client to taking action. Emotion is still the deciding factor when it comes to making decisions.

For in-depth look, read our Step-By-Step Branding Guide here.


Next Steps

Don’t let the hamburger approach fool you. There is much more planning that goes into each of these ingredients. We always recommend hiring a web design agency that has experience balancing business strategy, visual design, technical skills, and usability best practices. You can also get much more specific and relevant information by discussing your design project with us. You can call us directly at (424) 245-5472, or fill out our email inquiry form.


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Richard Parr
by Richard Parr
Posted: November 30, 2016