Website Assessment

Welcome to this 1 minute breakdown. Today I’m going discuss website assessments. An assessment involves having a professional outside agency perform a review of your website and overall online presence.

The 4 main things that should be assessed are:
1) Website Usability – is your website easy to navigate and use.
2) Visual Design – is the branding consistent and the design appropriate to your target audience.
3) A Technical Assessment – is your website functioning well, is it secure and up-to-date.

4) A Marketing Assessment – is your website tagged properly for the search engines and are your marketing channels optimized.

The assessment document should include a solid set of recommendations along with visual examples. With this document, you can have a guide towards an improved online presence. We recommend performing an assessment once a year and definitely as part of any website redesign or major online campaign.
If you’d like an assessment of your website, contact us at executionists.

by admin
Posted: March 22, 2019