Web 101 for Non-Profit Organizations: Turning Browsers into Donors

We’ve increasingly become a go-to agency for non-profit organizations and foundations seeking to modernize and update their online presence.

We know that for non-profits, every budgetary decision is highly strategic. Our clients trust us because our expertise translates to dollars well spent. When you take the time to modernize your website, improve the user experience, really highlight the vital calls-to-action (Donate Now! Join us! Become a Member!), the return on your investment can quickly pay off. The improved website yields a higher conversion rate of visitors into investors or donors, which sustains your organization into the future.

On the cost-savings side, many of our clients ask us to convert their sites to a WordPress framework so that they can update content themselves; which provides them a way to update the site in real time.

In addition to supporting our non-profit clients with enhanced websites, we extend their branding and mission into their social media marketing as well with customized social media channels and e-marketing via Mailchimp.

Is it time to update your website? Ask yourself some questions:

  • Do people tell you they can’t find the Donate button on your website?
  • Is your branding prominent enough?
  • Are online donations stagnant?
  • Has your organization grown beyond what’s visible on your website?
  • Are you frustrated asking a webmaster to make frequent small edits to your site?
  • Is key functionality missing from your site?
  • Does the look-and-feel of your website accurately reflect the current mission, vision, accomplishments, and needs or your organization?
  • Are you taking full advantage of social media channels?
  • Would you like your website to have a News feed or blog?

If your donations have fallen flat or your organization is scaling up, maybe it’s time to consider an enhanced website that looks as polished as your organization and turns browsers into donors!

Some of the non-profit clients we’ve worked with include:

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Posted: May 21, 2012