Budgeting for Online Marketing

There is no one-size-fits-all marketing strategy and budget, but there are some universal smart practices. Online marketing can include: SEO, email marketing, social media posts, PPC ads, marketing analytics and more. In this 1 Minute Breakdown we review the components of a smart online marketing strategy and some money saving tips. View Video »

Website Maintenance

Watch this 1 Minute Breakdown on website maintenance that can protect you against website errors and potential hackers. We discuss website frameworks and plugins and what needs to be done to keep your business website running.View Video »

How Much Does a Website Cost?

Welcome to our 1 Minute Breakdown on how much a website costs. This brief video explains how most websites are priced. Basically the cost of a website relates to how complex it is (because complexity equals time required) and the hourly rate of your web agency. Executionists offers quick estimates on all web projects.View Video »

Small Business Websites Hard Costs

Welcome to our 1 Minute Breakdown on the hard costs that small businesses need to be aware of when planning their website budgets. These costs include domain name, hosting, SSL and other 3rd-party services. Of course hard costs vary greatly depending on the complexity of your website - but these are the basics.View Video »