Website Packaged Solutions

You may have seen cheap, website packages for sale. A package website solution may work for you under some circumstances, but here are some of the issues with purchasing a website package for your business. View Video »

Website Redesign Strategy – #1 Why Redesign?

This is the first video in our new website redesign strategy series. Inside you'll find 6 compelling reasons to redesign your website. Including new branding, out of date design, usability issues, new products, new technology, and new target audiences. View Video »

Website Wireframes

Welcome to our 1 Minute Breakdown on website wireframes. These are the blueprints of your web pages that guide the interface design team. Watch the video to learn more and see a basic example.View Video »

The Website Sitemap

Welcome to our 1 Minute Breakdown on the website sitemap. The sitemap establishes the navigation hierarchy and provides an at-a-glance overview of the content areas. We explain what a sitemap is and provide a simple example.View Video »

Website Redesign Options

There are 2 main options when you're considering a website redesign; complete redesign, or reskinning. Your decision may be forced if your website is not mobile-friendly. Check out this 1 Minute Breakdown to learn more.View Video »

Website Features and Functionality Checklist

Welcome to our 1 Minute Breakdown that describes the critical Features & Functionality document that is the DNA for your website project. This document should capture all your website features, organize them by category or section and provide notes on LOE required and integration issues.View Video »

The Website Definition Phase

Welcome to our 1 Minute Breakdown on the importance of the website Definition phase and the documents that are included to define your website project. For any project that has any level of complexity, a Definition phase is critical for your success.View Video »