Website Wireframes

Welcome to our 1 Minute Breakdown on website wireframes. These are the blueprints of your web pages that guide the interface design team. Watch the video to learn more and see a basic example.View Video »

The Website Sitemap

Welcome to our 1 Minute Breakdown on the website sitemap. The sitemap establishes the navigation hierarchy and provides an at-a-glance overview of the content areas. We explain what a sitemap is and provide a simple example.View Video »

Website Redesign Options

There are 2 main options when you're considering a website redesign; complete redesign, or reskinning. Your decision may be forced if your website is not mobile-friendly. Check out this 1 Minute Breakdown to learn more.View Video »

Updating Your Website Imagery – Tips

Image is everything. If your website looks stale and out-of-date, your website visitors will notice in under one second. It doesn't cost a lot to refresh the important image areas on your website. Check out our image refresh tips.View Video »

Visual Style Guide

A visual style guide is critical to define the way your brand appears across all media. This media includes; print, broadcast, websites, landing pages, online ads and social media websites. In this 1 Minute Breakdown we review the components of a visual style guide and provide some examples. View Video »

Law Firm Websites

Every profession has distinct website goals and requirements. If you have a law or legal services practice and want to build a website, your key goals should be; information, trust and credibility, and how you solicit inquiries. This 1 Minute Breakdown video provides a quick overview of what you need to present your law firm professionally. View Video »