Marketing Strategy – Website Redesign Strategy #6

Marketing best practices continually change. A website redesign is the ideal opportunity to refresh your meta tags, and integrate other marketing strategies that will increase your online visibility. Most important you don't want to lose your search engine equity. Watch our video to learn more.View Video »

Content Organization – Website Redesign Strategy #4

How do you manage your content when doing a website redesign? You probably have a mix of styles and lack a cohesive voice. Many times content needs to be refreshed and streamlined. This video discusses how you can approach this important piece of the redesign process.View Video »

HTML5 Ads – 1 Minute Breakdown #43

HTML5 is a powerful coding language. One thing HTML5 allows us to do is to create animated ads that have a 200% or better CTR than non-animated ads. Check out our 1 Minute Breakdown to learn more.View Video »

Website Redesign Strategy – #1 Why Redesign?

This is the first video in our new website redesign strategy series. Inside you'll find 6 compelling reasons to redesign your website. Including new branding, out of date design, usability issues, new products, new technology, and new target audiences. View Video »
  • April 1, 2017
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