What’s A Quantum Website?

A Quantum website is a paradigm shift for online businesses. It can take a typical static 30-page website and deliver the same content in a thousand ways in order to dramatically increase your business footprint. https://www.executionists.com/View Video »

Website Assessements

An assessment involves having a professional agency perform a review of your website and overall online presence. An assessment can reveal issues with design, usability, coding, and marketing. A holistic website assessment doesn't cost much and can make a big difference in website effectiveness.View Video »

Content Organization – Website Redesign Strategy #4

How do you manage your content when doing a website redesign? You probably have a mix of styles and lack a cohesive voice. Many times content needs to be refreshed and streamlined. This video discusses how you can approach this important piece of the redesign process.View Video »

Website Packaged Solutions

You may have seen cheap, website packages for sale. A package website solution may work for you under some circumstances, but here are some of the issues with purchasing a website package for your business. View Video »

Website Redesign Strategy – #1 Why Redesign?

This is the first video in our new website redesign strategy series. Inside you'll find 6 compelling reasons to redesign your website. Including new branding, out of date design, usability issues, new products, new technology, and new target audiences. View Video »

Why Most DIY Commerce Sites Fail

Here are 3 top reasons why DIY commerce sites fail: Lack of differentiation, bad imagery, and no marketing. Don’t be one of the 80% plus businesses that fail. Pay attention to this video and call Executionists if you have any questions. View Video »