Website Conversions

You may have heard the term "Website Conversions" and wondered what it means. In this 1 Minute Breakdown, we explain what a conversion is and why it is critical to your business success.

  • April 9, 2016
  • admin

If your website fails to convert your visitors into customers, clients or fans, then your website is not optimized to grow your business. It’s the job of the business owner to identify the online business goals (conversions) and it’s the job of the website design agency to construct the website interface to accomplish those goals. Web conversions can include; purchasing a product, contacting the business, filling out a form, becoming a member, watching a video, downloading a white paper and a multitude of other actions. With web analytics tools we can track the success of your conversions and continually tweak the website to improve them. If you would like help creating or updating your site for optimal conversion, contact Executionists today.

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