Creative Brief for Websites

Welcome to our 1 Minute Breakdown on the all important Creative Brief. This key document guides the creative team and defines the design that will make your website a success. We recommend that every business develop a creative brief so that design goals are clearly defined.View Video »

How Much Does a Website Cost?

Welcome to our 1 Minute Breakdown on how much a website costs. This brief video explains how most websites are priced. Basically the cost of a website relates to how complex it is (because complexity equals time required) and the hourly rate of your web agency. Executionists offers quick estimates on all web projects.View Video »

Small Business Websites Hard Costs

Welcome to our 1 Minute Breakdown on the hard costs that small businesses need to be aware of when planning their website budgets. These costs include domain name, hosting, SSL and other 3rd-party services. Of course hard costs vary greatly depending on the complexity of your website - but these are the basics.View Video »