Law Firm Websites

Every profession has distinct website goals and requirements. If you have a law or legal services practice and want to build a website, your key goals should be; information, trust and credibility, and how you solicit inquiries. This 1 Minute Breakdown video provides a quick overview of what you need to present your law firm professionally.

As a law firm, it is critical to have to a website that provides information about the firm, solicits new clients and promotes an image of professionalism and dependability. As simple as this outline sounds, many law firms make critical mistakes in executing this vision. From dated or overused imagery, to phrasing and context of solicitations and requests for information.

In this segment, Richard lays out the dos and don’ts for a law firm website and some strategies for building your client base. If you would like help building your law firm’s website, contact Executionists today.

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