Marketing Service Pack Example Report – Google Analytics & Google Data Studio

A sample client marketing report using Data Studio and Google Analytics to show a custom report that includes YouTube and Adwords data. These reports are part of our Marketing Service Packs.

Executionists is now offering the incredibly valuable Marketing Service Pack. The Marketing Service Pack combines Google Analytics with Data Studio to deliver the data about your site that will best inform the direction and focus of your organization’s marketing strategy: where your website’s traffic is coming from, what pages on your site are most popular, interaction levels on your social media posts and Adwords performance. Finally, every report also features a recommendations section where Executionists wraps up and condenses the data from your site and recommends customized strategies, actions and approaches to boost your current engagement. In addition, our Marketing Manager will personally go through these recommendations with you and work with your organization to achieve your marketing goals. If you want an experienced marketing partner and your own custom monthly reports, sign up for one of our Marketing Service Packs today.

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