5-Minute Website Check-Up

Here's a 5-minute website checkup you can do yourself. Quickly spot issues with your website on desktop and mobile.

If you don’t have a digital agency maintaining your website, here’s an easy 5-minute website checkup you can do yourself to make sure everything is working well. Let’s start.

  1. Go to your browser preferences and clear your cache so you’re seeing your website as a new visitor would.
  2. Go to your website and click through the pages, while you’re doing this look for the following: Are the pages loading quickly (within 2 seconds is optimal). Is there anything that looks out of alignment or broken? Are all the pages linking correctly? If you have social media links in the footer, are they linked?
  3. Now, check your forms, do you have an email subscription? Inquiry form? Products to sell? Fill out the form and make sure it works.
  4. Now do the same thing on mobile. clear your cache, go through your site, check your forms.

For extra credit do a quick survey of your social media channels – is your social media stagnant? When was the last time your business posted? Make a plan to schedule some posts.

That’s our 2019 DIY quick website checkup.