What Does Video Cost?

When I get this question I almost always follow it up with an underwhelming …”Well, that depends…”

It “depends” on what I call the 3 Ts, which are Tools, Talent and Time. These are the building blocks of any production budget and they must be qualified and quantified before we can give a solid cost estimate.

And how do we arrive at the 3 T’s? We need to answer two questions:

1.) What is the story we are telling?

2.) What style is best for telling our story?

We get to these answers after multiple discussions and brainstorming sessions with the client. What is the company’s offering? What sets it apart? Who are its customers? What are their emotional buttons? What devices do their customers use to view media?

Once we know our message we then need to arrive at the best style in which to convey it. This could be live action (location or studio), animation, motion graphic, whiteboard explainer, or combination of these styles. So to answer your question, once we know our story and our style, then we can we arrive at an accurate budget.

So, that’s the long answer that doesn’t really help you get your pricing bearings. For those of you looking for ball park numbers I put together the guide below. I hope it’s helpful.

Video Cost


A big thank you to Lee Frederikson of Hinge Marketing for his experience and insight which was freely borrowed from in the preparation of this article.

George Borghi is president of Eyegrabber Media, a Los Angeles based digital advertising agency specializing in marketing and educational video content.


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Posted: July 10, 2014