Tseng College Launch Part 1: Wireframe Bonanza

Recently, we launched a complete overhaul of the website for Tseng College, a satellite college within California State University Northridge (CSUN) that offers strategically designed programs for mid-career professionals.

Here at Executionists, we follow a three-phase methodology. Phase 1 is our Documentation phase in which we work with our client to distill all the requirements into documents that serve as our roadmaps going forward.

A cornerstone of this phase is our use of Axure RP, a software tool that we use to build functional prototypes, also known as “wireframes” for our larger projects.  With Axure RP, we’re able to generate interactive wireframes and UI mockups. Having these wireframes provides clear documentation for the design and development team and minimizes the back and forth. Our wireframes can easily be shared with the client allowing them to preview and test the site navigation and see placeholder content on the pages.

The project for Tseng College was extensive and complex so we created over 100 wireframes at the outset. You can view this video to see a sampling of the wireframes.

Superstar project manager and information architect Wanda Cook Shapiro played a key role in the success of this project. She created all the wireframes, worked closely with the client clarifying the project scope, and smoothly managing the project to conclusion.


by admin
Posted: March 12, 2012