Top Tech Inspired Halloween Costumes for 2018

Tech is scary. From news stories about the latest hacks, to science fiction movies about AI, to the threatening spam that appears in your email account.  Non-scary tech is also ubiquitous, ranging from cute emojis to iPhone costumes. This Halloween, why not dress in your favorite scary or funny tech-inspired costume. Get inspired by some of our favorite tech costumes below!

The simplest but most accessible costume? This snappy T-shirt with a 404 error.

Credit: Medium

404 Error Costume



Love this hyperloop costume made from one of those collapsible play tunnels.

Credit: Recode


hyperloop tech costume


Twitter is full of creative Halloween makeup ideas, just be sure you carefully plan it out carefully before you start applying makeup.

Credit: Twitter


twitter tech costume


Swipe right. Tinder and other social hookup sites can make a fun costume – but with both hands holding the costume, how do you hold your drink?

Credit: Joe

tinder tech costume


Google Maps and other Google icons make an instantly recognizable costume.

Credit: Buzzfeed

halloween tech costumes


Ok – let’s go to the proper Halloween stores for this one. Of course you can do a homemade iPhone or Android costume (but it’s so much work).

Credit: HalloweenCostumes.Com

halloween tech costume

Minecraft heads are pretty easy to make, all you need is a box, colored paper, glue, and some imagination.

Credit: Etsy

halloween tech costume


For the sexy and not-so-sexy hackers out there – an anonymous mask is just the ticket.

Credit: Yandy

halloween tech costume


Well it’s supposed to be the “cloud” This one looks a little on the stormy side, but it’s a great use of cotton puffs.


tech inspired halloween costume


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Posted: October 12, 2018