The Pitfalls Of Multiple Web Vendors


We recently began clean-up and web maintenance services for a client who had been utilizing website design, maintenance, AdWords, and SEO from all different vendors. The result was not pretty. When you are obtaining work from multiple vendors who don’t communicate with each other, you will often encounter issues like redundancy in copy and inefficiency in SEO. When all the pieces of your online presence are not cohesive, it makes it difficult for the user to navigate. It also can also reduce online credibility, because it looks like no one is caring for the site.

Web maintenance, Social media, Email, Adwords, are all separate efforts but they are all interrelated and if you don’t have an overall management strategy it’s very inefficient and you will waste, time, money and harm your brand – it’s like hiring contractors to build a room on your house you’ve got the flooring people, electrical contractor, and the builder. If they don’t communicate well, you can imagine the results.

For a business website, in a perfect world, you’d have a marketing manager coordinate all of the activities of your online professionals.

For example, if the business has an event or news or an offer – this goes to the website manager so they can place appropriate content on the website. It goes to the social media marketer so it can be promoted in social, and it goes to the Adwords manager so it can be promoted in paid ads. Not only are they all managed through one point of contact, but all these resources can also pull from the same content and images.

So if you have multiple vendors make sure you have one person in charge of the marketing strategy who is clearly communicating to your vendors.  Another option is to use a full-service agency like executionists, that has strategy and marketing professionals on staff. Contact us if you have any questions, or want to learn more.

by admin
Posted: December 12, 2018