The Next Technology Advancements That Might Change E-commerce

As innovative technologies emerge, the e-commerce market is gradually changing and getting more and more attractive for consumers by offering them new advantages and unmatched conveniences. Nowadays shoppers get used to conveniences quicker than ever. Therefore, it’s crucial for online retailers to keep up with the latest field advancements to gain the cutting edge on the modern highly competitive online market. In the article below I’m going to tell about some breakthrough web technologies that may influence greatly e-commerce and help you make your web store a special one.

Virtual Fitting and Sizing

The convenience of trying on various designs, styles, sizes, colors, etc. to see how they look and which items fit better, is actually the reason why many people still opt for the traditional way of going to brick-and-mortar stores, when they shop for clothing, shoes, hats, jewelry, eyeglasses and various accessories. If you sell online anything from this stuff, from now on you have an awesome opportunity to attract many new customers from this consumer audience. Innovative tools for virtual trying-on and fitting will give you the advantage of enabling your shoppers to try on virtually anything they want just online to find ideally fitting items from the comfort of their own homes or offices.

The whole concept of virtual fitting and sizing is quite simple and easy. While using a standard webcam and a specific application integrated into your web store, your visitors will be able to try on your goods. The application works by placing and adjusting any chosen item on the body. Your shoppers will be able to change colors, size, length, move the garment around and then take a snap that can be shared instantly with their friends by email or through social networks to ask for their opinion. Your customers will surely highly appreciate this new  engaging shopping experience.

Human Online Service

While enjoying the advanced ease, convenience and flexibility of online shopping, many consumers still seek for human service elements that they got used to have in traditional physical stores. Personalized welcoming greetings, comprehensive assistance of a real person, targeted offers, expert recommendations are definitely essential components of 100% satisfying shopping experience.

The latest technology advancements allow online entrepreneurs to provide this personalized, customer-tailored shopping experience in a rather easy and cost-efficient way. There are multiple breakthrough web technologies available today that are designed to help you interact with your shoppers almost the same way as in a brick-and-mortar store. Many of them come with a rather wide functionality involving personalized greetings, tracking client preferences, creating client-specific promotions, making dynamic adjustments to prices, gauging the popularity level of every single item in your stock, real-time consulting and many other options.

Social Shopping

It’s quite natural that shoppers tend to rely on the opinion and suggestions of people they know and trust when making purchase decisions. So, why not to provide this wonderful opportunity just through your web store? Here social networking innovations come in very handy. You may have already integrated social networking buttons for liking, sharing, twitting, etc. into your e-commerce website, and now it’s high time to advance.

You can take advantage of the latest social networking applications to make it possible for your customers to co-shop. In other words, they will be able to shop together, while discussing products, prices, features, deals and any other specifications just in real time, even from different locations around the Globe.

Touch ID Technology

Online shoppers are always concerned about the security of their confidential data. One of their biggest fears is opening up to hackers while entering their credit card numbers, which are typically required to complete online transactions. By integrating advanced fingerprint technologies into your web store, you will ensure ultimate online security for your clients.

Actually, such technologies allow to replace credits cards on the Internet completely. Instead of typing in a credit card number, your shoppers will only have to use their unique thumbprints that will be automatically linked to their credit card information. Besides, touch ID technologies also make online purchases much easier. From now on, your customers won’t have to bother themselves with fetching their credit cards, when they come across some attractive items accidentally. In such a way, an impulse purchase decision can be just a thumbprint away.

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Posted: June 5, 2014