The Dangers of NOT Managing Your Website.

A website is an extension of your business, and therefore like your business, requires regular management in order to keep it current and competitive. If your website is not being managed properly, you and your customers may quickly notice:

  • Incorrect or out-of-date information on your website pages.
  • Links that no longer connect to the intended pages.
  • Broken graphics, videos, and downloadable links.
  • A slowly running website that takes too long to load page content (may indicate a website hack).
  • Strange code or pages with broken layouts (may indicate a website hack).

These are some common signs of websites that are not being managed properly. Unfortunately, many website owners will spend a lot of time, money, and effort building a business website, and then skimp or neglect the ongoing management of it. Here are some of the mistakes that business owners make when assigning a website manager.

staff manages website

Mistake One – Employee manages website part-time

Business owners will assign an internal employee to “manage” the website. Unfortunately, this employee, although enthusiastic, also has other company tasks to complete. This person is not dedicated to the website. They also don’t have the design or technical training to know what needs to be done. We have seen this person get swept up in regular business tasks, so they adopt a reactive approach to website issues when they surface.

The way to make this scenario a success is for the business owner to allocate “X” number of hours for website management and set clear expectations with the employee. The website manager should also have a list of professional programming, design and marketing resources that they can reach out to when needed.

freelancer manages website

Mistake Two – Freelance web developer manages website

Most of us know freelancers who have some technical skill. These freelancers are often hired by business owners to manage their websites. The life of a freelancer is one that is always changing based on the work coming in and their priorities. For example, if a big project comes in, or they have a vacation or get sick, they may neglect your website management work. Also, a single freelancer probably won’t be an expert manager, and developer, and designer, and marketer. This means that aspects of your website won’t be managed properly.

The best solutions for managing your website are:

  1. Hiring dedicated staff to manage the website on a daily basis. At the very least, this can be a project manager that has some skills in other areas, like marketing, or tech so they can be better utilized. Don’t forget to provide them with a list of trusted external resources to help when needed. If your business can afford it, you can hire a full-time staff consisting of; website manager, programmer, designer, and SEO.
  2. Hiring a professional agency, like Executionists, to develop and execute a consistent, monthly, management and a maintenance plan such as our Secure Service Pack. An agency should have all the necessary resources and experience to maintain your website.

At Executionists, we provide both technical maintenance and content management for our clients. This is usually a monthly retainer that allots hours for all required tasks. Clients can contact our team at any time with additional requests.

At the end of every month, we provide a Website Management Report (if you would like to see a sample website management report please contact us) that details the site status and any updates that were performed. As a business owner, you can avoid the dangers brought about by poor website management by contacting us for a free assessment and estimate on a management package.
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Richard Parr
by Richard Parr
Posted: November 23, 2018