Tech-Inspired Halloween Costumes for 2019

Here are some new and notable technology-related Halloween costumes we’ve found on the interwebs. So get your tech on this Halloween, and don’t forget to drive safely.

Halloween won’t be observed this year! #sofakenews

Looking for a topical Halloween costume that’s tech and media related? How about a “fake news” costume. The fake news topic has inspired many Halloween costume designs that are sure to add humor to any Halloween event. Below you’ll are some of our favorite fake news costumes picks.

Fake News T-Shirt
Fake News Tank Top
Man in a Fake News Costume
Fake News Reporter Costume
Fake News Reporter T-Shirt
Fake News Reporter T-Shirt

Trump Fake News T-Shirt

Best Fake News T-Shirt 

Move over bats! Drones are the newer trend.

You will probably have to make this one yourself, so get out the foam core, ruler, and Exacto knife.


Man in a Drone Costume

courtesy of Brandon Ortwein

Handmade Drone Costume


Boy in a Drone Costume

courtesy of the Hurst family

Video of Boy Dressed As Drone

MMORPG Costumes

In 2019 MMORPG games like Fortnite, League of Legends, and Apex Legends have continued to increase in popularity. Don’t let your teammates down! Grab a player costume and start shooting (for candy).
Costumes of Video Characters
Apex Legends Onesies for Kids & Adults

cosplay image
Apex Legends Wraith Cosplay Costume Zentai Adults

Weird Rabbit Costume

Fortnite Rabbit Raider Costume

Scary Tech IPO costumes.

Here’s a creative idea for a costume that we haven’t seen yet. In 2019 we had a lot of high-profile tech IPO disasters. Why not make a costume that combines a stock market down arrow with the company logo of Peloton or Uber? It’s sure to send chills down the spine of anyone that follows the markets.

Peloton IPO
Peloton Chart IPO Loss

Uber IPO
Uber IPO Loss Graph

Don’t forget Tech Halloween costumes for pets!

Don’t forget your best-friend. Halloween is a great time to dress up your dog – just keep them away from chocolate, dog treats are always preferred.

Dog Costume "404 Not Found"

Error 404 Costume Not Found Halloween Shirt



Dog Iphone Costume

iPhone Dog

So that’s our Halloween 2019 tech costume roundup. If you have comments, hit up our Facebook page. Have a safe and happy Halloween.

Richard Parr
by Richard Parr
Posted: October 8, 2019