Organic SEO Booster

Blast your content nationwide


Increase the number of indexed URLs

  • Your content will gradually become indexed via the search engines.
  • We can track the URLs in Google Search Console.

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Increase unique visitors to your website

  • With thousands of additional indexed pages, you will see an increase in unique visitors to both your MasterBlaster pages and your linked landing pages.
  • We can track website visitors in your Google Analytics.

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More page loads

  • Add products to thousands of new pages.
  • Motivate downloads, subscriptions, and other sales.

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Move higher in position

  • More relevant content means higher positioning for your content in the search results.
  • Push old, inaccurate, and competitor content down in the search results.

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More backlinks for your website

  • Each MasterBlaster landing page contains links to content on your website. This increases backlinks that positively influence your SEO.
  • When visitors click on your new organic search results, they will link to your landing page thereby increasing page loads.

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Increase sales and inquiries

  • Increased traffic and visibility will result in more conversions, whether it’s product sales, inquiry forms, downloads, or any strategic conversion your business needs.

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How to Use MasterBlaster

Reputation Management

MasterBlaster is perfect for a business or organization that wants to dominate content around individuals and teams. We can secure permutations of individuals names in conjunction with other keywords and push them out to thousands of URLs. The search result can be linked to an official landing page with relevant content. Examples of keyword searches that can be used: “Lebron James fake news”, Jack Smith Controversy”, “Issues with Epicor Management”, “Epicor CEO news”, “Tesla stock dump”, etc.

  • Ideal for sports teams to manage the reputation of team members and the franchise in the news.
  • Ideal for business organizations seeking to mitigate reputation damage around individuals.
  • Promotes a positive, unified message around members of an organization or business.
  • Pushes negative content further down the search results.

Since it takes time to strategize, deploy and become indexed. We recommend this as a proactive piece of strategy as opposed to reactive. Once the instance is up and running it will be quicker to respond to any reputation issues.

Product and Services Promotions - "Near Me"

The true power of MasterBlaster is realized in geolocated searches.  We apply geolocations for ~60,000 US locations to your content in order to make “near me” searches more relevant. Key phrases for product name, specs, and other descriptions. Dominate “near me” searches. Create a product sales landing page or ad with an immediate link to BUY. You can also target competitor products and services.

Here are some examples of keyword searches that can be used:

  • “Product/service name [near me]”
  • “Solar product type cheap [near me]”
  • “Polling station [near me]”
  • “Top Product type [near me]”
  • “Service name [near me]”, etc.

Political Campaigns

National campaigns around candidate or party positioning can be made more effective when blasted out to thousands of geolocations. Target constituents with multiple message types. Image-based ads can be used instead of landing pages. Red states and blue states can be targeted at the same time with different messages. Tailor messaging to specific locations/districts. Examples of keyword searches that can be used:

  • “Candidates position on AB49”
  • “Candidates name on tax incentives”
  • “Political donation links”
  • “Who endorses…”, etc.

Remarketing Power

We can aggregate the UIDs from web visitors for any campaign. These UIDs can be used to retarget this audience for any product/service or campaign even if your campaign is not branded.

Example of re-marketing strategy: Car company that wants to promote the new model.

  1. Identify the target audience with personas.
  2. Then craft any type of campaign that will appeal to these personas. Campaigns don’t have to be relevant to a car purchase, they can be around entertainment and other in-market categories.
  3. Collect UIDs from campaigns
  4. Re-market to that audience with new model car ads.

This strategy combines the power of localized organic search with Google remarketing ads. Maintain your own tailored retargeting lists outside of Google and Facebook, and reduce the cost of list acquisition.