Our marketing clients have seen:

  • 65% increase in click through rate
  • 82% increase in site traffic year over year
  • 300% increase in social media followers
  • 225% rise in keyword rankings

Do you have a great products and services that you want to promote online but you don’t have the time or expertise to do it?  We offer flexible, effective, easy-to-understand Marketing Service Packs that will take online marketing off your plate so you can focus on your business. All of our Marketing Packs offer these basic benefits:

  1. A Google certified Marketing Manager who will recommend the best solutions for your business.
  2. A holistic analysis of your current marketing landscape taking into account, email, social media, ads and other marketing channels.
  3. Monthly, easy-to-understand marketing reports with Google Data Studio. (see a sample report)
  4. Google Analytics install.



Your business is unique

Your business, the experience of the people that work there, your services and/or products, your business partners, the nature of your clients and customers, and your approach to the market are what makes your business unique. There is no one-size-fits-all marketing solution. The best solution is a combination of targeted marketing efforts based on our free analysis of your business situation. The following menu shows our five Marketing Service Packs.

service-packs-marketing-5 service-packs-marketing-0 SEO Pack Your website is the hub. The on-page SEO and links need to be optimized.
  1. service-packs-marketing-1

    Publishing Pack

    Your blog and other article/ video publishing channels.

  2. service-packs-marketing-2

    Advertising Pack

    Create and manage your online advertising.

  3. service-packs-marketing-3

    Email Pack

    Your client lists, design and sending of email campaigns

  4. service-packs-marketing-4

    Social Pack

    Scheduling and strategizing your social media channels.


Publishing Pack: $500/Month

Your blog and other article/ video publishing channels.

In order to show up in search engines, we recommend content publishing on a consistent and frequent basis! Ideally, you should post every other week. We can work with you to create a monthly editorial calendar of topics, resources, and articles. We can submit your content to databases, directories and sharing sites. Includes:

  • Publishing management of 2 blog/media posts per month
  • SEO optimize publications
  • Leverage publications on up to 3 social media channels (LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube,  Twitter, Instagram, etc.)

*Assumes final content is provided to us by the client. Client will provide us with access to their social media accounts.



Adwords Advertising Pack:  $1,250/Month

Create and manage your online advertising.


We are a member of the Google Partner Community. Includes:

  • Setup of Adwords account
  • Ad strategy and creation
  • Keywords research
  • Integration with related Google products (Analytics, Tag Manager, YouTube etc.)
  • Ad monitoring

*Ad spend (paid to Google) not included in above price. 



Email Marketing Pack: $625/Month

Email marketing support, including: list management, design, and sending email campaigns


This package includes:

  • List building strategy.
  • List management strategy.
  • Design of 2 email blasts per month (using customized mailchimp templates).
  • Sending of campaigns and reporting.

*Client will pay monthly MailChimp or similar email application account fee.  We can create landing pages for campaigns, starting at $500 each.



Social Media Marketing Pack: $625/Month

Scheduling and strategizing your social media channels.

This package includes:

  • Setup of up to 3 social media accounts of your choice (YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.).
  • Creation of branded banners.
  • Social media management strategy and calendar.
  • Post management of up to 6 posts per month.
  • Reporting.

*Client will provide content direction.



SEO Pack: $750/Month

Your website is the hub of all of this marketing activity.  We would perform on-page SEO for pages and links.


In order to keep up with Google’s search algorithm changes, it is necessary to pay close attention to the health and rank of your website’s optimization. Each month, we will ensure that pages’ meta elements are kept up-to-date, implement any requests for changes, add meta tags to any new website pages or posts (including new blog articles), and report on ways to improve SEO. This service includes Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools maintenance, analysis, reporting, and management

This package includes:

  • Optimization of your website pages (up to 50 page website).
  • Meta-tag research.
  • Installation of SEO plugin(s).
  • Monthly updates and reporting.