SEO Dirty Practices

Search engine optimization, SEO, is an integral part of the web business and marketing strategy. People are more likely to locate a product, service, and/or website through search engines than by traditional advertising or social networking. Because of this, people will do anything to gain a competitive edge in SEO. Unfortunately, these dirty little tactics, once thought to outsmart search engines and increase SEO, will now actually lower your rankings and even potentially get you banned.  Google and other search engines have implemented several sophisticated methods to pick up on the following shady SEO practices and will automatically “blacklist” your website and dub you a spammer.

Keyword Stuffing: A common misconception is that search engines focus on the quantity of keywords in your website. Search engines can detect an over usage of keywords and ultimately label your website as “spammy.” Now, websites are given a higher page ranking if there is a balance between SEO techniques both on and off the website

Title Stacking: Much like keyword stuffing, title stacking is adding extra keywords in your page by creating unnecessary titles.

Hidden Text: Keyword-rich text hidden within your website by matching the color of the site to the background is punishable by Google and other search engines as they have implement sophisticated ways of discovering hidden text.

Duplicating Content: Well-written content is the best way to improve page ranking and insert keywords throughout you website. However, repetitious content can be reported as spam and consequently lower your page ranking as well as the trust rank of your site.

Cloaking: This technique shows different content to the crawlers than it does to the viewer.  Search engines implement bots to find cloaking techniques. And when spotted, your site will be banned. Bottom line.

Doorway Pages
: Like cloaking, doorway pages use particular phrases to redirect users to a completely different page without their knowledge.

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Posted: September 22, 2010