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Want a marketing report you can really understand? Check out our monthly marketing report custom generated for your business using Google analytics and Google Data Studio. Click on the videos for a quick overview of each section.

Your Company Name, INC. Marketing Report: October 2016

Report Overview

Hello, below is your custom report for your website’s analytics, key data points, and marketing efforts. This Dashboard is dynamically generated and can be viewed at any time. At the end of this report you will see our recommendations for the next month as well as insights that go beyond the base level of data. Please contact your marketing manager at (424) 245-5472 for a walk-through of this data and to discuss your ongoing marketing strategy.


Marketing Recommendation

All trends are up. Organic search results continue to improve and mobile acquisition expands month to month. The top 3 landing pages comprise 90% of search traffic. YouTube and Adwords campaigns are holding steady as our cost of conversions has dropped by about 5%.

Following are key goals for next month:

  • Publish additional content (2 pieces) around top search terms and expand social media  campaigns to boost this content.
  • Start 4th quarter email campaign and include results on this marketing report.
  • Reduce Adwords spend as cost of acquisition has fallen and put the extra budget to  boosting new content in social media.
  • Combine email lists for end-of-month campaign around new service offering.

Please contact your marketing manager at (424) 245-5472 for more details.