PennyMac CRE Logo Development

Executionists has had the good fortune to work with PennyMac since 2008.

At that time they were about 50 people strong and a fledgling mortgage company. Now 11 years later they are the largest non-bank correspondent lender in the country and publicly traded on the NYSE.  We were commissioned with developing their first logo.

pennymac logo

The primary drivers behind this branding were:

  • Strong corporate financial colors
  • Clean sans serif font
  • Readability at small sizes
  • The ability to easily add division names to the logo
  • An energetic symbol that reinforces the idea of a coin/penny

With the addition of a gold line under the main logo, PennyMac divisions could be easily and consistently branded.


When PennyMac decided to work with consumers directly they wanted a revised brand that looked less corporate and more consumer focused. The solution replaced the coin with a simple roof that was much more accessible and friendly. This logo was A/B tested alongside the original and performed extremely well with target audiences.


Most recently, PennyMac decided to expand into the commercial real estate market with a focus on loans that finance multifamily and other commercial real estate with a typical value of under $10 million. The Executionists team went back to the drawing board and after 40 or more variations, the client selected the logo below for the new business entity. The consistent color palette, font and placement of the icon keeps this new business unit solidly within the established PennyMac brand.


PennyMac logo usage is dictated by their brand style guide, that we also developed. The style guide defines the color palette, fonts, imagery, graphics and other important visual rules for the brand. Over the years we have also created, developed and maintained several websites, online marketing assets, print marketing materials, annual reports, kiosks, and even signage for PennyMac. Please contact us if your business needs a new brand, enhancements to an existing brand or a brand style guide.

Richard Parr
by Richard Parr
Posted: January 9, 2015