Forecasting the World with SAGE

SAGE is a project within the USC Information Sciences Institute (ISI) a subsidiary of the University of Southern California (USC).

ISI specializes in research and development in information processing, computing, and communications technologies. Executionists has worked with ISI teams for the past 10 years on several projects, including battlefield interfaces for DARPA.

The SAGE project is a website that posts forecasting questions for members to review and submit answers. Forecasters are students, researchers, and people who follow geopolitics and financial markets, etc. Executionists was brought in to help improve the complex UX and UI design over several iterations.

  • Improve user flow.
  • Create visual design along with image library.
  • Incorporate intrinsic rewards that impart a sense of progress.
  • Reorganize and enhance user dashboards.
  • Provide style guide / CSS.

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