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“When we were a startup, we came to Executionists with an impossible task: ‘build us a website, but we are going to give you fairly limited direction, ever-changing content and almost none of our time, and by the way, you better have the best pricing too’. They worked with us through creative differences, indecision on content and constantly moving timelines. Unfazed, our partners at the Executionists pulled together and made it happen. The site has gotten raves from the rest of our employees and we met our timeline for the launch of the company. I cannot recommend this team enough and look forward to a long-standing relationship. The name says it all.”

John Vergara, PennyMac USA, pennymacusa.com

Executionists has had the good fortune to work with PennyMac, a rapidly growing mortgage originator and servicer, since 2008.

At that time, they were about 50 people strong. Now they are the largest non-bank correspondent lender in the country and are publicly traded on the NYSE. Over the years we’ve augmented their internal design, marketing, and development teams to provide improved branding and product promotions.

  • For eight years we designed and developed PennyMac’s websites for the main corporate brand and sub-sites for commercial properties and specialized programs.
  • We designed all of PennyMac’s corporate branding, including logos for B2B, B2C, and specialty programs.
  • We developed brand guidelines that ensured marketing was consistent across the brand.
  • Print design and PowerPoint decks.
  • Annual report design for the past 11 years.

Sub-sites and mini-sites for mortgage services.

PennyMac has a variety of departments and specialty service lines. We developed branded sub-sites for these businesses, along with marketing collateral.

  • Designed and developed HubSpot landing pages.
  • Created microsites for the B2B commercial division.
  • Trained and supported PennyMac staff in HubSpot management.

Email campaign design and management.

Executionists provided marketing services including: strategy, design and management of a wide variety of email campaigns. 

  • PennyMac utilizes the HubSpot platform for their email campaigns. We provided design, programming, and strategy around email and HubSpot landing page design.
  • Design of dynamic campaigns linked to geo-location, and complex customer data.
  • Drip marketing strategy and design.

Marketing mortgages via social media and PPC.

PennyMac promoted mortgage products and brand visibility via all major social channels. We were able to achieve the following results;

  • Facebook conversions increased by 57.7%
  • Twitter conversions increased by 430%
  • LinkedIn conversions increased by 79.5%
  • Google+ conversions increased by 118.6%

Executionists developed various organic and paid solutions for PennyMac on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, and monitor customer reviews & ratings on platforms like Yelp, Lending Tree, and Zillow.

  • PennyMac runs constant AdRoll campaigns for various products. The ads are linked to custom HubSpot landing pages with custom lead forms. We provided a variety of design options in static and animated formats.

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