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“The team at Executionists is extremely diligent, patient, and talented at what they do. Not only did they improve the look and feel of our website, they took the time to pass along knowledge on new marketing strategies and best practices to elevate our brand in a professional and modern way. I am extremely pleased with the overall result of the Executionists’ work and will continue to refer to them as my go-to web developers, designers, and marketing experts.”

Abigail Galusha, Marketing

Lido Advisors, and their partner brand, Lido Consulting, have been Executionists clients since 2014.

Lido Advisors is a Los Angeles-based financial firm with a proprietary wealth planning process designed to maximize, organize, and optimize their clients’ financial lives. Financial firms are known for being on the conservative side and we were empowered to freshen up the brand and create something much more dynamic.

  • The new website leverages current trends in website design.
  • Structurally we creatively broke up the content-heavy pages.
  • We increased their media publication options with a blog, newsletters, white papers, video, and a press section.
  • We implemented our Secure Service Pack to continually monitor the hosting environment and check for WordPress core, PHP, and plugin updates.

We worked closely with Lido’s marketing manager and supported her efforts to create the new website. We continue to support and enhance the website on an as-needed basis.

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