Rad Results from Wix to Shopify

Easy to navigate, eye-popping Shopify site.

LeanBoard.US is quickly becoming a star in the longboarding community with their patent-pending technology. They partnered with Executionists to develop an e-commerce migration and web redesign strategy. The founders had built their original website using Wix.com. There was confusion around branding, pricing, directional strategy, and marketing. We helped guide them towards an improved online presence, allowing them to position their brand worldwide.

  • Migration from Wix to a customized Shopify platform.
  • Included blog, gallery, team page, and press.
  • Trained client staff on website management, and provided user guides.
  • Design of custom infographics to help explain the LeanBoard technology.

If you are thinking of migrating your website from Wix or SquareSpace to Shopify please contact us.

Lean Longboard marketing services.

Post-launch we provided marketing strategy around the website launch, social media, and online ads.

  • Creation of custom MailChimp templates for promotional and business emails, such as order confirmations, mailing list confirmations, and other customer communication.
  • Google ad campaign design, and management.
  • Promotional email campaign management.
  • Social media channel strategy, and branding.
  • Social media post campaigns, and management.

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