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International Gymnastics Camp (IGC) provides global leadership for the gymnastics community through state of the art education, safety, and research. We were hired to revamp the IGC brand online through redesigning the website, digital strategy, marketing, and other creative and technical services.

Website Redesign

IGC already had the basis of a strong brand, but the website design was circa 2010. It wasn’t mobile responsive, and the usability was in need of an overhaul. We started with research and wireframes of key site pages to arrive at an approved structure for our design. The new site design features bold fonts and dynamic images, and was created with parents, coaches, and students in mind.

Interactive Features

The picturesque, sprawling IGC campus in the beautiful Poconos mountains has many buildings and facilities and it requires a map to be able to find all the recreational and camper amenities. We created a new interactive illustrative map of the campus and then added hotspots that pop up image and video carousels.

Promotional Campaigns

IGC derives the bulk of their revenue from camper enrollments. We created branded Google Adwords display and search campaigns focused on converting new and repeat camper enrollments. This required us to rebuild the Google Adwords campaign from the ground up. Our current campaigns average about 100 conversions per month.

Event Campaigns

World-class athletes, including Olympic gymnastic champions from all over the world visit IGC and provide training sessions for campers. We worked with our partners at Google to optimize event Adwords campaigns that focus on these celebrity athlete-coaches. IGC kicked off their season with highly effective display ads for six visiting Olympic gymnasts.

Ancillary Businesses

IGC has a broad online footprint that includes ancillary gymnastics-related businesses and organizations. One of these is Kount on Kindness, a program dedicated primarily to generating a positive mindset and learning environment and ties into charitable efforts and volunteering in the gymnastic community at large. We leveraged the work that was done on IGC to redesign the Kount On Kindness website and keep it within the IGC brand.

3rd-party Integration

IGC integrates several key 3rd-party solutions. For e-commerce, we themed an existing Shopify site they operate that sells IGC-branded gymnastic gear. Campminder.com is a third party service that integrates with the primary website to handle parent and camper registrations, job applications, camp enrollment forms, and other summer camp-specific functionality. We worked with CampMinder to add tracking pixels to enable conversion tracking. We used custom JSON to create a footer on the main website that will auto-update the footer on Shopify and CampMinder to emulate the main site and provide branding consistency. Server-side, we integrated Cloudflare for caching and speed, dedicated SSL for security and improved Google results, and hosted the site on Pantheon, for security and performance.

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