Our Work

At Executionists, we work on small, startup e-commerce websites as well as Fortune 500 websites. Whatever the size of your e-commerce play, our usability and design team can present your brand in a compelling way. We base our design on marketing and business insights to deliver customer-centric solutions.

Hourglass Angel

Our design team is brought in by professional development shops, like Guidance, to design the front-end for Magento websites. These enterprise level, e-commerce sites often require over 200 hours of page design for desktop and mobile. Hourglass Angel, an apparel company producing and selling women’s and men’s shapewear, is a typical project of this scope.


This is another sample of our creative team’s design skills. We use e-commerce best practices, along with custom styling of Magento’s e-commerce features to present the client’s brand in a compelling and appropriate manner.


Executionists is certified as a ‘Shopify Expert.” Shopify is an easy to use, powerful, hosted e-commerce solution. Shopify has a wide variety of templates and provides us the ability to customize the front-end design to our client’s brand and business goals.


Snood is one of the original web games, started in 1996. We redesigned their WordPress website and incorporated WooCommerce for game sales. Our development team has experience delivering simple e-commerce functionality to very complex shopping carts with WooCommerce.