Our Work
Let the masses invest

Crowdfunder was one of the first equity crowdfunding solutions and is an industry leader for sourcing and funding high-growth ventures with a network of over 130,000 entrepreneurs and investors. Executionists was brought in to augment their internal marketing and design team.

Responsive Design

Our design team worked closely with Crowdfunder’s UX and IA staff to create improved design for public and member areas of the website. We worked with the client wireframes to provide recommendations and original, responsive design solutions that consistently represented the Crowdfunder brand and style guide.

User Admin Design

Not enough emphasis is placed on the importance of the usabilty of the member areas of web applications. Crowdfunder is highly complex in user types, permissions and functions. Our designers worked to translate these complex screens into user-friendly experiences. Custom icons and graphics were designed to support the page content.

Email Campaigns

Crowdfunder is very active in utilizing email campaigns to communicate new ventures and industry news. Our design team created a variety of emails and templates to use in client campaigns.


Crowdfunder required Google Adwords ads to promote various opportunities and their crowdfunding program. We designed several series of ads for a variety of investor and investment campaigns.

Investor Decks

We provided Crowdfunder clients with custom designed investment decks to promote their offerings to potential investors.


Our designers took the established Crowdfunder brand elements and created a style guide. We also designed the logo for the VC Index Fund.

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