Clinic Websites for CNS and PRP

“Finding the cure” websites for CNS and PRP get complete facelifts.


Executionists was tasked with updating and enhancing websites for Pacific Research Partners and CNS clinical research centers. These clinics are dedicated to searching for cures to many types of diseases and conditions, through partnering with major pharmaceutical companies. The website goals are to attract subjects for clinical trials and assist their partners with the development of new drugs. We strategized and redesigned both websites from the ground up. This included restructuring content to improve usability and SEO. Pacific Research Partners also needed a logo refresh.

Unfortunately, as it is sometimes the case before we could launch our new websites, the client’s new marketing team took over control of the project and overwrote our work. The current live websites fall short of our interface design and branding. On the development side, both the websites are not https secure, and have very slow loading times, among other issues that we would have resolved for them, had they completed these projects with us.

“You can lead a horse to water – but you can’t make him drink.” 

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