How Much Does a Website Cost in 2017?

Anyone can build a website these days, but how much does it cost to build an effective website, one that will work for you and grow your business? Our 2017 article on website costs lists different types of websites, associated budgets and illuminates what separates an effective website from an ineffective one.

NOTE: We just published our website costs 2019 article.

One of the best ways to illustrate website costs is by describing the common types of websites and assigning cost estimates. These descriptions and estimates are based on our experience with hundreds of web projects ranging from $5,000 – $200,000. To make it easier, in all these examples we are going to assume that the client will provide the following assets and we will perform the following tasks:

Client Provides We Provide
Written content for the website. Online strategy and documentation.
Photography, or videos (if required) of business services, products, staff, etc. Interface design (creative)
A logo and basic branding direction (although we do branding too). Development / Tech support
SEO strategy and setup
Testing and client training


To keep it simple, we are also assuming an hourly blended rate of $125. Different professional agencies will have different rates ranging from $70/hour to $250/hour.


List of the types of websites: What type of website do you need?


single page website cost 2017

One Page/Landing Page Website:

This is a one-page website, sometimes called a “landing page” because people will land on this single page when they click a specific link from an ad or email, etc. Although these single page websites can be very long scrolling pages, there is usually not very much content. The website has a simple goal, to motivate the visitor to purchase a product, or sign up for an offer, fill out a form, call a number, or download a file. All the content on the site is aimed at having the visitor complete this one task. Because these websites are so focused, they usually minimizes the amount of effort required to build them.

Costs for this type of website can range from $5,000 – $15,000+ depending on the project scope. Projects that are well defined from the outset tend to be at the lower end of the range. Websites that require a lot of strategy and definition will cost more – even if they are only one page long. We have a case study video on one-page websites here.


regular_small website cost 2017

Small-Business Informational Website:

This website is the most common type of small-business website. It usually has under 20 pages. The types of content areas you will typically see on these sites are; Home, About, Team, Mission/Vision, Services, Press, Testimonials, Blog, News, Contact. The website is focused on promoting the brand, marketing businesses services, and providing information. As with the one-page website above, the goal is still to motivate the visitor to complete some revenue generating action. We usually design this type of website using WordPress or Drupal as the framework. Our team will customize the design, and features based on client branding, and business requirements.

Costs for this type of website can range from $15,000 to $30,000+ depending on the project scope.


regular_large website cost 2017

Mid-Size-Business Informational Website:

This is similar in structure to the small-business informational website above but there are additional needs for more content pages and/or special functionality. Examples of these additional features could be:

  • A large management team each with bios.
  • A Resource Center with a lot of downloadable content.
  • Online membership or logins.
  • Interactive forms.
  • Custom dealer or store locators.
  • Complex services requiring many sub-pages of content and downloads.

Costs for this type of website can range from $30,000 to $40,000+ depending on the project scope.


commerce_small website cost

Small Business Ecommerce Website:

This represents a simple marketing website with an e-commerce feature for the purchase of a small number of simple products or services. In our experience, it’s easier and cheaper to use a hosted cart like Shopify or a WordPress solution like WooCommerce to enable this type of website. These carts work best when you have standard e-commerce requirements that don’t require APIs to back office systems or external databases. 

Costs for this type of website can range from $10,000 – $25,000+ depending on the project scope.


commerce_large website cost

Mid-Size Business E-commerce Website:

This level of e-commerce means that you have one or more of the following requirements:

  • Need to customize shipping, accounting, fulfillment, and other back-end functions.
  • A large number of complex products.
  • Custom rules around purchasing, such as wholesale and retail pricing.
  • Custom product presentations.

For this level of an e-commerce website, we would probably recommend going with Magento, Drupal Commerce or some similar cart.

Costs for this type of website can range from $40,000 – $100,000+ depending on the project scope.


how much website cost 2017

But how can I make my website more effective?

Remember that your website doesn’t exist in a vacuum. It is part of a broad ecosystem because you want to reach your customers wherever they are, the website is an important piece, but it’s only a piece of your online strategy.

This means that social media channels like Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Instagram, etc., are all potential extensions for your brand message and in fact may get more traffic than your website and generate more business. So a website can be the hub of your online presence but don’t underestimate the effectiveness of complimentary online channels to boost your brand. Without a holistic, online strategy you are not maximizing the presence of your brand online.

Another critical factor for your success is going to be your outbound marketing strategy. This means the strategic use of email and pay-per-click ads. This proactive approach will keep your brand and business in front of your customers.

Be More Effective By:

Combining your business website with:

  • Email campaigns
  • Adwords / Pay-per-click
  • Content Publishing
  • Social Media
  • SEO
  • Print Advertising

How do I know my website is effective?

Applications such as Google Analytics, allow business owners and marketers to see the effectiveness of digital marketing in real-time. It’s amazing the number of tools that are available to track any aspect of your online footprint. An experienced digital marketing agency should be able to tell you exactly how effective a campaign is, what the cost was, and the return on your campaign spend. So there are no more excuses, your pages, ads, and emails can all be tracked and analyzed for effectiveness. Through experimentation with various strategies, you will be able to identify the marketing solutions that provide the highest ROI for your business. To see how we’ve simplified complex analytics for business owners, watch this short video.

google analytics web cost, how much website cost 2017

Here’s the takeaway.

Website budgets vary based on how complex and extensive the website scope is. We’ve provided examples of various types of websites and associated costs. A website alone won’t cut it. Find a digital agency that understands how to make your business effective across the online landscape, by utilizing strategic online marketing channels to broaden your brand.

If you are looking for a full-service digital agency that can accomplish all of the above, contact Executionists.

Richard Parr
by Richard Parr
Posted: January 1, 2017