How much content do I have to write to be recognized by the search engines?

Confession: several years ago we wrote an article on website costs that hit the magical combination of content. Google picked us up as the expert source on website costs and organically boosted us to the top as the preferred website for the phrase “how much does a website cost?” This has resulted in up to 25,000 visitors a month for that article and over 1,000 inquires.

For the last four years we have tried to repeat this, to no avail. The closest we got was an article on website documentation that clocks in at 2,000+ visitors a month. I don’t know if we’ll ever write a first-page-results article again but we are definitely not giving up

One reason that Google and other search engines stay profitable is because they provide the information that people need to succeed. Once Google fails to do this, they are at risk of losing their audience. We often counsel businesses and organizations on content publishing best practices and strategies. We believe that the best strategy for any business is to provide authentic, meaningful information to their target customers.

It doesn’t matter what business you have, your potential clients and customers are not arbitrarily purchasing products or services. They are seek the best options, want reassurance, need support, and they want to make informed purchases and decisions. If you produce content that supports this, then you are on the right track.

But doesn’t everyone create authentic, meaningful information about their products and services? You’d think so, but actually this is not the case. You would not believe the number of websites we see that have horribly written content. A sane visitor reading that content would not be impressed and would probably not convert to becoming a customer. Even though the market is flooded with writers, many can’t write. There are journalism-major millennials straight out of school that are trying too hard to impress with every run-on sentence. There are offshore, English writers whose messages are riddled with grammatical speedbumps. There are well-meaning, good English writers that don’t understand the first thing about calls-to-action or how to motivate readers to satisfy business goals. I could go on and on.

So how much content should you publish? The best practice is to write at least 300 words per blog post, publish consistently and authentically, properly tag your content, and trust the algorithm to sort through the chaff and elevate your business. We recommend creating a publishing calendar (example below) that will keep you on schedule for your blog, social media and advertising posts.

Sample Publishing schedule

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Richard Parr
by Richard Parr
Posted: July 22, 2016