Scaling Your E-Commerce Website For Growth: LeanBoard Case Study

The decision to migrate your e-commerce website can seem scary and often entail a great deal of work, but it plays a critical role in your business’ ability to grow. We partnered with LeanBoard.US, who is quickly becoming a star in the longboarding community, in order to illustrate an effective e-commerce migration and web redesign strategy.


6 Signs It’s Time to Migrate Your E-commerce Website

You’ll know your business has outgrown its current platform when:

  • The team needs to implement changes that are not going to work well with the existing system and/or it now takes too long to develop new features and your IT team’s backlog of projects becomes time/resource-heavy.
  • Your system has become slow, heavy, and hard to manage.
  • It’s unstable under peak traffic conditions, resulting in slow site performance and bad customer experience.
  • The database of your catalog can’t handle the number of SKUs it accumulated over the years.
  • The current platform has a limited call volume on APIs and can only handle a limited number of attributes, or associate a limited number of product-related images/videos. Worst case scenario, it can’t handle videos at all…
  • The market is developing and you are falling behind. An outdated e-commerce solution can prevent marketing teams from acquiring and retaining customers, running effective campaigns or even from competing in certain key areas entirely.

Any one of these should prompt a migration. Now, in order to minimize the risk of running into critical issues, it’s time to put a plan in place.

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Elevate Your Website Branding 

It’s not enough just to change your platform, you need to shift your approach and methodology in order to reach your next level in business.

When the folks at Lean Board first approached us, the company was called Pramash, but their product was branded as “Lean.” The founders had built their own website using There was some confusion around branding, pricing, directional strategy, and marketing. But, one thing was clear – they had a great product with a lot of style. No matter how great your product is, it won’t be of service to anyone if they can’t find you, or identify you as a trusted solution. Effective branding and web design allow you to position your services and make your business accessible to larger audiences.


Scaling Solutions For E-Commerce Website 

LeanBoard is a startup offering large skateboards, trucks, and wheels, based on unique, patented technology that makes their boards carve like snowboards. The founder is a trained engineer. As the company grew and acquired investors, they quickly realized that the Wix site was not going to be a reliable and scalable e-commerce solution.

After analyzing our clients’ requirements, we considered WordPress with WooCommerce vs Shopify- and recommended Shopify as the more robust and appropriate solution. Shopify is all about e-commerce, so building out the products, variants, and categories was going to prove a lot easier than it had been on We selected a theme and customized it. The analytics tracking and reporting are also far more robust in Shopify than in Wix, which will allow us to better analyze traffic and performance to make sure the client is hitting their goals. Shopify also has its own traffic visibility dashboard, which is very useful.


Integrating Apps For Your E-commerce Website  

At various junctures, we determined that Shopify app subscriptions were necessary in order to extend the functionality of the basic Shopify. Fortunately, there are over 1,000 apps to choose from in the Shopify app market. We used apps to create photo modal galleries, a video gallery, integrate their existing shipping platform, filter out spam, connect to MailChimp, optimize images, support customer reviews and more.

The integration with their MailChimp account allowed us to create our own custom MailChimp templates and use them for standard emails, such as order confirmations, mailing list subscription confirmations, and other customer communication.

Within Shopify, you can assign roles and permissions to your team members. The size of your team is dependent on the tier of the selected Shopify plan. Shopify’s promotions and discounts dashboard are fully featured and easy to use.

As part of the launch process, we had to troubleshoot DNS issues stemming from our client having domains parked at three different registrars with various levels of service. If your business has a variety of domains, make sure your developer knows and has access to all the accounts.


Social Media Channels For E-Commerce

We created custom graphics, retouched images, created custom page templates, created imagery for social media, and loaded content into the new site. We supported new unified branding across social media outreach and the new site design.

Below are some of the internal pages we designed and built:
Lean Content Pages


If your business is considering migrating from a packaged website solution like WIX, or is just interested in an e-commerce upgrade, fill out our inquiry form for a quick estimate. And if you want to get out of your comfort zone – in a good way, visit LeanBoards at



Rachel Panush
by Rachel Panush
Rachel is the Senior Lead Project Manager at Executionists Inc. in Marina del Rey, CA.
Posted: July 10, 2018