Smart Marketing Reports with Google Data Studio

There is an overwhelming amount of marketing data available to business owners and marketers. How can the small business owner sift through this complex data and focus on the actionable items that can affect ROI?

Over 50 million websites rely on Google Analytics as their preferred marketing insight solution. It’s extremely powerful and dense. Just the basic Audience Overview page below has over 50 active links and 9 dynamic charts and graphs, and this is a simple view. The side navigation alone has over 125 links to additional dashboards and menus.

google analytics dashboard

But how many businesses are actually using Google Analytics to make strategic business decisions?

In our experience with small businesses (under 100 employees), the statistics break down like this.


google analytics-bar-chart


With such a powerful and free tool available, why aren’t more businesses using it to make strategic decisions?

The 3 primary reasons small businesses give for not using Google Analytics:

  1. Don’t care. These people don’t see the value of analytics or even the value of a website. They are in the “I have to have a website because it’s expected.” camp. With this kind of entrenched attitude, it’s very hard to convince them the value of understanding their website traffic and online marketing.
  2. Don’t understand. These are the bulk of business owners that know basic marketing concepts but don’t have the expertise to dig into the analytics dashboards in order to equate user behavior with an actionable marketing plan.
  3. Too busy. These business owners may or may not know the value of analytics but it doesn’t matter because they are too busy in their day-to-day to even think about their website analytics.

These days there is no good excuse for not leveraging analytics. In fact, it is critical for business success as the bar is continually being raised by competitors for your customers and clients. One of the best strategies for survival and growth is the strategic review of analytics and converting customer knowledge into business enhancements that increase ROI.

Online marketing agencies are plentiful. The trick is selecting one that can deliver the right solutions for your business. Many agencies, especially offshore resources, are quick to offer “first page of Google” results. Anyone who has spent time in marketing knows that this is a fantasy unless you are willing to outbid for your keywords. Other agencies may drop you into a marketing process that will increase your traffic but it may be bloated with spam visitors that don’t convert to real customers.

spam traffic cartoon

Simplifying the Complex with Google Data Studio:

At Executionists, we have developed a hybrid solution that combines Google Analytics with Google Data Studio, along with expert, human insight to provide custom reports that focus on the KPI (key performance indicators) for your specific business. Our basic process works like this:

google data studio report process
  1. Consultation: We learn your business goals and review your online presence and marketing to date.
  2. Assemble the appropriate analytics data in Google Data Studio that you need to gauge the success of your marketing.
  3. Analyze the data and provide strategic recommendations.
  4. Deliver the customized Data Studio marketing report; review it with the client, and set actionable goals for the future.

If you need a customized, easy-to-understand, marketing report for your business, call us for more information.


You can also view our YouTube video that provides an example of a custom marketing report.

Richard Parr
by Richard Parr
Posted: September 17, 2016