Just Starting Up? Why You Need an Explainer Video on Your Website

You’re a new business, and you’re having a tough time breaking into your industry. What you need is a point of differentiation. You need to explain why you’re different. You need people to understand why they should do business with you when there are already many established players to choose from. You represent a risk. Your explainer video convinces them that you have something new and different to offer.

Explainer Videos Help You Explain Your USP

Your “USP” is your “unique selling proposition.” It’s what sets you apart from everyone else. Usually, this is something you boil down into one or two sentences. But, if you’re writing this out as plain text, you have to rely on people reading it with the same enthusiasm and in the same manner and tone that you intend for it to be read – impossible.

An explainer video combines music, visuals, and a voiceover that takes the guesswork out of the message you want to convey about your company. Because of that, it radically simplifies your USP and helps you explain it in a way that’s most favorable to your brand.

Explainer Videos Are Dynamic

Explainer videos are dynamic in the sense that they combine multiple learning styles. First, there’s visual. That’s obvious. Because it’s a video, your potential customers will be visually shown information about your company via strong images and associations that cannot be made with a simple text layout.

Then, there’s text and audio. Some explainer videos use a “whiteboard” style – the video is comprised of text that’s physically written out in the video itself. Finally, there’s the audio. If you bring in background music and do a nice voiceover, you can capture a particular kind of mood that’s most conducive to the goal of the video.

So, if you’re trying to sell something, you could use a very “in your face” style of audio, similar to what Dollar Shave Club used in its first video.

If your goal is simply to explain something about your company, products, or services, you could use a more laid-back style, the way Common Craft does.

It’s What Major Brands Are Using

Major brands, like DropBox, CrazyEgg, ZenCash, Poo-Pourri, Dollar Shave Club, and even budgeting giant Mint have all used explainer videos in the past to promote their brands. Some of these giants are still using explainer videos.

For example, Neil Patel, from CrazyEgg, tells us that its explainer video drives an extra $21,000 a month for the company. The DropBox explainer video helps drive 1,000s of new signups every day. Roughly 74 percent of ZenCash visitors watch their video. Work.com converted an additional 20 percent more with the video on their homepage when it first started growing beyond a simple startup.

They’re More Engaging Than Other Forms Of Advertising

Explainer videos are more engaging for users. They’re not just sales pieces. They’re a means to convey information. Because of that, people want to share them. How many times has Dollar Shave Club’s video been viewed? Over 14 million times. It’s been shared millions of times. That’s how the company became so successful. It was largely off of the success of its first video.

Part of what makes a video “sharable” is the ease with which it can be shared. Now, if you’re planning on uploading the video to YouTube, then sharing isn’t so difficult. Users understand how to post videos to Facebook, Twitter, and send links via email.

But, what they may not understand how to do is share the actual video. If you want your explainer video to be downloaded and shared privately, you’ll want to use something like YTD from http://youtubedownload.altervista.org/ to convert the video into multiple file formats. Then, you’ll want to seed that puppy on multiple torrent sites. Always remember to respect intellectual property rights if you use downloaded content.

YTD converts your video file into multiple formats so that both PC and Mac users can watch it without going through the hassle of finding their own video converter.

Videos Help Showcase Your Personality

One of the most important assets you have is your personality. It’s important for new customers to be able to put a face, or at least a voice, with the name behind your brand. This is especially true if you’re just starting out. It helps people gain a sense of trust in you and the product you sell if they can create a visual connection with you.

Aside from improving sales, explainer videos can generate repeat business. Most people don’t remember everything they were told the first time around. They may forget everything your company offers. Your explainer video will help remind them because it’s more entertaining than reading boring old text.


Christopher Holloman has a sharp mind for marketing. With innovative strategies and a strong sense of branding at his side, he greatly enjoys blogging about his experience and insights into successful business marketing campaigns.


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Posted: October 2, 2014