Inbound Marketing Series – 7 Steps To Accelerate Business Success with Effective Online Marketing

To kick off the New Year, we are presenting a ‘7-pronged’ blog series about inbound marketing.  Over the next three months, we will help your business craft an inbound strategy for success. We will discuss everything from why your business should be investing in inbound marketing to the important aspects and strategies involved in allocating your resources to an inbound funnel, and we’ll even throw in some reasons why you should consider ditching your outbound marketing in 2014.

Over the last decade, shopping and buying habits have shifted as technology has advanced and many companies have needed to reevaluate and reconstruct their marketing messages to close this widening gap. This blog series takes this changed customer behavior into thought and provides assistance to businesses looking for an easier method to develop an inbound marketing plan.

Our first post will cover how consumer habits have changed the buyer/seller landscape and why you should consider integrating inbound marketing into your sales and promotional strategies. Then we will take you through a series of step-by step strategies, promotional ideas and best practices that you can employ directly to your very own inbound marketing campaigns.

Blog posts in the series:

  1. How Shopping Habits Have Changed and How To Keep Up
  2. How To Develop An Inbound Marketing Strategy
  3. How To Prepare Your Website for Inbound Communication
  4. How To Create Remarkable Blog Content For Your Business
  5. How To Share Your Remarkable Blog Content in the Blogosphere
  6. How To Get Some Love From Google and Get Found On Search Engines
  7. How To Automate Social Media Engagement

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by admin
Posted: January 6, 2014