Improve Your Social Media Marketing with Visual Content Strategies

You might be aware that humans are attracted to bright colors and interesting photos— two things that image-based websites provide. But how significant is visual content, really? According to a study conducted by Hubspot, photos on Facebook generate 53 percent more likes than text posts. Furthermore, the widespread success of Instagram, Pinterest and Snapchat shows just how sight-driven humans are. Improve your social media marketing by harnessing the power of eye-catching visuals across several social media platforms.


Pinterest is the queen of visual social media. This well-loved website makes it easy to market through photo based content. To take full advantage of Pinterest, Econsultancy suggests businesses use bright colors, large images and creative-themed boards. Think outside the box and tailor your Pinterest content to your company. For instance, Erin Condren makes organizational life planners and pins photos submitted by fans posing with their planner, home and lifestyle content and inspirational quotes. They go beyond just advertising their paper products by connecting with their followers through engaging visuals and useful content.

The goal: Expand your reach by creating visual content your followers will want to repin.


Stand out from a sea of Facebook text-based posts with an image. Don’t limit your visual content to updates, either. Use you cover photo, profile picture and albums to send a message to your consumers. For a more organic sharing experience, encourage your fans to share photos related to your business. This will provide you with two things: user engagement and authentic content. If your company is a fire safety supplier, for example, a video using fire footage from Shutterstock can show your audience how to stay safe during a fire. Don’t be afraid to show your brand’s personality; the casual environment of this social media site lends itself to lighthearted content.

The goal: Post content based around your Facebook fan’s interests, allow them to participate with image sharing and keep things fun.


The origin of the hashtag began here, so it makes sense to tag each image you share. Hashtags not only organize your tweets, but they also provide an effective way for Twitter users to come across your visual content through searches. Boost your marketing plan by creating visual content around trending hashtags that are still relevant to your company image. Say the trending hashtag of the day is #funinthesun and you’re a business that sells grills, you could upload images or video tutorials of summer grilling recipes and tag them with the popular #funinthesun tag for maximum exposure.

The goal: Use hashtags to your advantage and combine your tweets with audience appropriate images.


This photo-messaging app is not strictly a social media platform but can be treated like one. Snapchat’s innate image sharing capabilities allow you to reach your audience directly on their cellphones. Additionally, Business2Community mentions that the short duration of “snaps” (one to 10 seconds) is perfect for call to actions. To encourage your fans to follow you on Snapchat entice them with exciting contests, coupons and rewards. If you choose to use Snapchat for marketing, keep things personal and avoid coming off salesy. You can do this by sending short “snaps” that feature new products and information on promotions that will benefit your customers.

The goal: Send short, useful “snaps” that target your audience and recompense them for following you on Snapchat.

by admin
Posted: June 16, 2014