How Much Does It Cost To Redesign A Website?

At Executionists, over half of our projects are website redesigns. Websites are redesigned to solve various business problems. Some of the most compelling reasons to redesign your website include:

  • You’ve experienced changes in your business and you need to communicate these to your audience, clients, or customers.
  • Your brand has evolved and needs to be properly integrated.
  • Your target audience has changed and sales/conversions are down.
  • You want to take advantage of new web technology.
  • Your website is outdated in design and/or function and your competitors’ websites are surpassing yours.

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The ROI of a website redesign

The benefits of a website redesign:

  • Take advantage of accumulated data and knowledge about your customers and their behaviors and use it to inform the new design.
  • Enhance your brand with new design and messaging that fits your evolving marketplace.
  • Implement a brand and style guide for the new website based on prior design themes and elements.
  • Reuse or repurpose content so you’re not reinventing the wheel.
  • It’s likely that the new website can take advantage of new, powerful features that may not have been available when you built your current website.
  • Downtime during a redesign is not an issue. Your current website can stay up and running while the redesign is in progress.

web redesign strategy and cost video

The challenges of a website redesign:

Your previous developer may not be up to the task – If your previous web developer is currently your webmaster, look critically at whether or not he or she is capable of providing the strategy, branding, design, development services, and marketing knowledge you require for business growth. If you opt to stick with your current developer, ensure that he or she is taking advantage of the latest design trends and technology and can help build a framework that anticipates growth and scale. In our opinion, it’s better to hire a professional digital agency.

Cost of Redesign – Although costs have come down, that doesn’t mean your redesign will be cheap. Even with advances in code, if your old site was complex, the new site may still require extensive programming. Today’s more powerful frameworks require time to plan, execute, and test. Video on budgeting for redesigns.

Migrating Legacy Data – If you have an online store or database of products, documents, members, customers, etc., one of your key concerns should be how to migrate that data efficiently and accurately to the new website database. Even though many methods are available to migrate data, be prepared for some manual clean-up.

Maintaining SEO Ranking – Your old website has attained some level of credibility with the search engines, plus links to your pages may be present in various directories, social media, ads, and partner sites. If the new site renames the pages, those links and SEO cache will be lost. Make sure you have a strategy for updating your links such as using 301 redirects to tell search engines what the new pages are named. Video on SEO approach for redesigns.

Redesign next steps:

Step 1: Determine the extent of the redesign

Every business has pain points concerning their website. The extent of those pain points must be assessed to determine the scope of the redesign. Always ask what is the business reason for the redesign? For example, if the reason for the redesign is a shift in marketing, maybe all the website needs are some revised graphics and more targeted messaging. Or if the current website has feature or function issues, it may be necessary to implement a newer, more feature-rich framework.

Step 2: Find out how much the redesign will cost

If your website designer uses the fixed-bid method (we do), they will provide time estimates for each task and apply their hourly rate to generate an estimate.  Here are a few common, lower cost, redesign scenarios using this method.

  1. Scenario One: The goal is to increase sales/conversions. After analyzing the current website, it is determined that redesigning website banners with more calls-to-action (CTAs) would be an effective solution. Your web designer proposed designing and implementing ten new banners.  Here’s how the estimate breaks down:
  • 2 hours sourcing royalty-free images
  • 4 hours establishing an approved design and marketing direction
  • 8 hours creating 10 banners and inserting client text
  • 2 hours for editing designs based on client feedback

= 16 hours for design

  • PLUS 4 hours programming to insert and test the banners
  • Project Management (included in above)

= 20 hours at $125 an hour = $2,500

  1.   Scenario Two: The goal here is to implement a newer, more full-featured e-commerce solution – for a small business, without major changes to design. Here’s how the estimate breaks down:
  • 16 hours planning the e-commerce system – checking hosting, frameworks, product/customer migration strategy
  • 24 hours creating graphics for new product catalog and cart – assuming all product images can be imported without additional manipulation
  • 4 hours migrating the products using a service like
  • 80 hours of programming
  • 20 hours of testing and QA
  • Project Management (included in above)

= 144 hours at $125 an hour = $18,000

  1.   Scenario Three: In this scenario, the goal is a design refresh for a general, smaller business, marketing website with no e-commerce. Here’s how the estimate breaks down:
  • 16 hours planning the redesign direction
  • 24 hours creating new graphics and enhanced page layouts
  • 50 hours of programming
  • 24 hours of testing, content insertion, and QA
  • Project Management (included in above)

= 114 hours at $125 an hour = $14,250

The Cost of Failing to Redesign

Finally, when you ask how much it costs to redesign your website, you might also want to ask yourself, how much will your business lose if you don’t update your website? Maintaining an outdated website could be costing you leads and sales.

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Richard Parr
by Richard Parr
Posted: October 9, 2013