Holistic Web Strategy Breakdown

Holistic Web Strategy

Holistic Web Strategy
Welcome to this 1 minute breakdown. In order to be successful online you need to adopt a holistic strategy. A holistic strategy takes into account everything you are doing online and coordinates it for maximum benefit.
For example you may think that your website represents your business on the the web and it’s true that it should be the hub of your online presence. But don’t fail to take into account all the other channels that feed into the hub. For example, Social media is a fantastic way to get brand visibility and traffic. Online directories have great reach. Organizations you belong to like the Better Business Bureau, and trade organizations. Search engine business profiles. Even backlinks from other websites are all valid channels of traffic.

Your website may also use external services, like a CRM integrated with an email campaign tool or Google ads and other online advertising. All of these are parts of your extended online reach. So have a holistic view, because the stronger and more consistent you can present your business across all these channels, the faster your business will grow and profit.

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Posted: March 22, 2019