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At Executionists we have years of experience servicing the financial services industry. Our clients range from billion dollar mortgage and insurance companies to individual financial and investment experts. Following are some of the specific needs and requirements that differentiate the financial industry from many other types of businesses.

  • Compliance: Regulations around financial data and service offerings are very strict and fines for non-compliance can be devastating. Fortunately there are 3rd-party companies that provide compliant data, portfolio, dashboard and other services that we can integrate with, to reduce our client’s liability. Executionists can also provide secure, encrypted forms and other client applications.

  • Complex financial services and products: One of the biggest issues is the effective communication of complex financial concepts to people not in the industry, usually your customers and clients. We often deal with the translation of complex concepts into graphics, and organizing page content to make financial services more understandable by the general public/investor.

  • Credibility and trust: Businesses that deal with their client’s money need to wrap their services in a bulletproof cloak of credibility and trust. A financial business needs to constantly reinforce their trustworthiness and expertise in the presentation of their website content.

  • “Old school” mentality: Many financial institutions and businesses are hampered by an old school mentality and they are resistant to change in our fast-changing financial world. Old school marketing and branding won’t work with younger investors and can’t compete with the flurry of new financial apps that are chipping away at the potential client/customer base. We have found that some of the solutions to this are:
    • Refreshing your website design with more current imagery. Ditching the boring, classical stock art and finding fresh, aspirational images that reflect your customers attitudes toward life and financial success.
    • Breaking up long pages of text with interesting infographics that effectively communicate ideas and strategies.
    • Improving the communication with your client base by tailoring email marketing to client types and needs, and developing drip marketing campaigns around services and products to keep clients informed.
    • Strategic use of social media, where appropriate, to provide additional communication channels between you and your clients.
    • Providing free information and expertise within your niche, in the form of white papers, blogs, webinars or videos, to educate and promote your business.


Following are some mini case studies on some of our financial services clients:

Mortgage Industry

Financial Advisors

Insurance Businesses

Stock Market Experts




Mortgage Industry:


One of our largest and most successful clients is PennyMac ( PennyMac services over 500,000 customers and started with Executionists in 2008 when we developed their corporate branding and website. Seven years later we still work with their marketing team and business units on branding, websites, social media and email marketing. Rather than having to maintain an in-house design group, Executionists can augment PennyMac’s internal team with an efficient, affordable, full-service creative offering.


PennyMac Branding

PennyMac Branding Style Guide


PennyMac Website Design

PennyMac Website Design

PennyMac Marketing Design

PennyMac Marketing Design


Another of our favorite clients, Insignia Mortgage ( is a niche, local, Los Angeles mortgage company that deals with no-tax-return loans, foreign national loans and other non-conforming loans. We worked with Insignia to develop their new website, print ads, email communications and other marketing pieces. Insignia was recently quoted in the Wall Street Journal.

Insignia Mortgage Website Design

Insignia Website Design


Insignia Mortgage Print Ad Design

Insignia Print Ad Design



Financial / Investment Advisors:


Independence by Convergent™ ( is a division of Convergent Wealth Advisors. Independence delivers to the $1 million investor the investing knowledge and techniques used by the $100 million investor. Executionists was brought in to help revamp their website and take over regular maintenance and enhancements.

Independence Website Design

Independence Website Design


Heller Capital Resources ( provides personalized financial advice and services. Executionists designed their print brochure and redesigned their website.

Heller Website and Brochure Design

Heller Website and Brochure Design



Lido Advisors ( and Lido Consulting is an investment company that utilizes unique investment strategies to put a client’s goals within reach, and to manage volatility in the investment portfolio. Executionists redesigned both of their corporate websites and provides maintenance and enhancements on an as-needed basis.

Lido Website Design

Lido Advisors Website Design


Executionists designed Edgeline’s ( simple corporate website several years ago. Recently they came to us for our ideas on a redesign. We provided the mobile-responsive design below (right) and hope they will approve it soon.

Edgeline Capital Website Design

Edgeline Capital Website Design



Insurance Services


Athene USA’s insurance subsidiaries serve customers in all 50 states, providing products in the retirement savings market, including retail and fixed indexed annuity products as well as institutional products, such as funding agreements. Athene approached Executionsists to help finalize their branding and style guide. We went on to design many of their corporate websites and assist them in bringing newly acquired companies under the Athene brand.

Athene Branding

Athene Holdings Branding Style

Athene Website Design

Athene Website Design


The Abacus ( programs are distributed nationwide and accessed by almost 4,000 retail insurance broker offices, representing over 10,000 insurance professionals. Executionists assists Abacus with design and marketing services on an as-needed basis. Recently we have worked on drip marketing campaigns to boost inquiries and generate new customers.

Abacus Email Marketing

Abacus Marketing Design



Stock Market Experts


Investing in the market is so multifaceted that there are thousands of professional advisors that are experts in specific investment approaches and philosophies. Many of these market experts provide blogs, white papers, forums and communities to their paid members. Executionists has worked on the branding and design of several of these member websites.

Swing Trade ( Branding and Website Design

Swing Trade Branding Website Design


Elliot Wave Trader ( Branding and Website Design


Elliot Wave Trader Branding Website Design




Welcome to 2015 when crowdfunding businesses are providing new investment opportunities for businesses and investors. Executionists worked with Crowdfunder ( to take their IA wireframes and create an appropriate branded website design. We also worked on their online ads and PowerPoint decks to help businesses pitch to potential investors.


Crowdfunder Website and Online Ad Design

Crowdfunder Website Online Ad Design




CPAs and Compliance


God bless CPAs, accountants and bookkeepers because they are on the front lines of our finances helping us navigate the tax system. Executionists has designed websites for a variety of local Los Angeles CPA, bookkeeping and services firms.

The AndersonCo ( Branding and Website Design

Anderson Company Branding Website Design


Thornton & Associates (

Thornton Associates Branding Website Design


If you have questions about strategies and costs for website, branding, print and marketing design for the financial industry, please contact us at Executionists by phone: (424) 245-5472 or by clicking on the Online Inquiry Form button below and we will be happy to help.

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