Google Data Studio – Example Report

Simplifying complex marketing data with custom Data Studio reports

One complaint we often hear from potential clients is that their marketing company provides little insight into what they are doing and what the results are. These business owners feel that they are throwing money into a bottomless marketing pit. Fortunately, most websites these days have Google Analytics installed and the benefit of extremely deep marketing data available 24/7/365. Unfortunately, it is difficult for business owners to drill into the analytics themselves, understand the critical data and make actionable decisions for future business growth.

Our solution is to create a custom marketing report that combines Google Analytics with Google Data Studio, along with expert, human insight, to provide reports that focus on the KPI (key performance indicators) for a specific business. This report is derived from an intake conversation with the client and our research. The client is sent a simple link to the report at the end of every month. Below is an example report we generated. We have chosen a small subset of the available website data. The actual report is dynamic and allows the business owner to scroll over charts and graphs to see the key data points. Along with the specific data the client needs, we include our review and recommendations for future marketing efforts.

Presenting marketing reports in this manner makes it easy for busy business owners to focus on the most valuable data points. There is no longer a disconnect from the marketing spend. We can quickly modify the reports to include new data points based on a wide variety of marketing efforts and goals. Our in-house marketing manager is also available at the end of each month to walk clients through the report and answer any questions. If you’d like to see a video walkthrough of the report below check out our video below.



example of data studio marketing report

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Richard Parr
by Richard Parr
Posted: September 25, 2016