Give Your eBay Store a Facelift and Make Listings A Breeze

For clients that manage an eBay or Amazon store in addition to a Magento store, we have tricks in our bag for you! Recently, we built a custom eBay listing tool in PHP for Phillipe’s Watches of Beverly Hills. Our tool gave them a way to create customized eBay listings that are themed in a professional, branded manner. We integrated design and content elements from Phillipe’s website to create an automated template that integrates product details they choose into the listing tool. They click a button and voila – it generates a spiffy customized eBay description complete with unique product images, details, and a professional design worthy of their heirloom watches. Check out Phillipe’s new eBay storefront here.

In addition to creating custom tools for your online retail outlets, we can also integrate new extensions from Magento that sync between Magento and eBay and Amazon for easy inventory management and reporting across all your retail platforms via customized listing tools we can build especially for you.

This is what Phillipe’s online store looked like before.

The custom eBay listing tool we built for Phillipe’s Watches also allows customers to inspect product details in a user-friendly format.

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by admin
Posted: August 22, 2012