Five Ways to Improve Social Media Fan Engagement

A lot of what you do on Facebook is going to be rather easy. Creating your page is easy. Setting up your ads should be easy if you use the right app. But when it comes to actually delving into the personality of your market and narrowly defining your base to generate solid leads, you may be immersed in a lot of mind-bending data.

Thankfully, you can still manage to increase fan engagement without having to read graphs and charts dealing with raw data. With the right social media marketing strategy and a few tweaks in your posting habits, you can ramp up your engagement numbers across the board.

5 Creative and Simple Methods to Increase Your Fan Engagement:

1.  Posts – Choosing the Right Day and Time

According to data compiled by, posts that are created on the weekends have a 14.5% higher engagement rate than those posted on weekdays, and posts created after 8pm have a 14% higher rate than earlier posts. Surprisingly, though, the majority of Facebook posts are created during the week and usually earlier in the day. So if you want to increase user engagement, simply post more on the weekends and post more after hours.

2.  Use More Photos

Focus more on photos if you want to increase fan engagement. Almost every study out there shows that fans interact more with imagery than text. Sure, the right keywords and appealing text can still draw in a lot of engagement, but Facebook is trending the way of the photo. It’s something you have to face as a marketer using the site. You can share photos from your fans; you can share interesting photos that give people a peak behind the curtain or that show your brand in a more flattering light. Your options are limitless.

3.  Frequency of Posting

You may be thinking that simply posting more often is something that will increase engagement; however, you’re walking a fine line here. You should think about posting around 2 times daily on busy days (Friday-Sunday), but take it easy on Mondays and Wednesdays. Don’t simply smother people with posts. When you want to target customers Facebook makes it easy to post. But you can easily get carried away and go overboard. Post about 7-9 times per week.

4.  Length of Posting

This is another area where people sometimes get the wrong impression. The average marketer thinks that, if only they can explain the post better to the fan, the fan is more likely to interact. This leads to long and drawn-out blocks of text in a post, which in turn just turns fans off. Your posts shouldn’t be long at all. Don’t think about prose; think more along the lines of a catchy headline with a photo or another engaging element. A long post is a post that’s not going to increase engagement at all.

5.  Offer More

One of the best ways to increase engagement is to offer more to your fans inside of your posts and other page elements. How does a 50% off coupon sound? Or how about a limited time contest entry to win a prize? It doesn’t have to be a page post that they’re engaging with; what you’re after here is brand engagement overall. And to that end, offering something to your fans will increase engagement.

The more engaged your fans are with your page, the more likely they are to eventually become your customers. Keeping them around and keeping them happy and active is what successful brands thrive on. Use the tips above to increase your engagement numbers and to bolster your brand overall. 

Authors Bio:

Eric Taylor is a social media enthusiast, business developer and a freelance writer for Qwaya – Facebook ad campaign tool, which focuses on building tools for social media marketing. Qwaya  also provides information, tools and up-to-date news about Facebook marketing trends and strategies. The company’s aim is to build and develop a sophisticated tool with powerful features that are user-friendly and affordable for online advertisers and social media marketers world wide.


by admin
Posted: April 26, 2013