Do You Need Another “You”?

If you are like most of business owners I know, you are stretched way too thin. Not only do you manage your team and process, you are also your company’s primary salesperson, marketeer, and strategist. How many times have you said, “if I could just clone myself, my business would be so much more successful”? Well… it ain’t going to happen, but you can select partners to support critical facets of your business and empower them to help grow your business.

When it comes to your online presence, it’s critical to partner with the right agency. At a certain point in your business’ growth, you will have outgrown using one freelance programmer for your web needs. We receive calls all the time from business owners who are frustrated with their web developer. Here are the most common complaints we hear:
why businesses switch web agencies








Now, imagine the benefits of a dialed-in digital agency partner:

  • All your requests would be handled in a reasonable amount of time.
  • Communication would be clear and direct.
  • You could discuss online strategies with someone knowledgeable.
  • You would have a one-stop-shop for all your online needs.
  • They would care about your business.

Unfortunately, you can’t clone yourself (yet!) , but you can reduce the amount of energy you expend on your organization’s online needs by identifying the right online partner. Here are three tips on how to select the best website agency for your business.

1) Onshore or offshore: Offshore has only one benefit, it’s cheaper – that’s it.
In theory, you could save a lot, but you may also experience the following pain points that can cost you money and frustration:

  • Communication challenges: Often an offshore team may not understand your requests with total accuracy. It’s hard to speak to them in real time due to the time zone differences.
  • Slow response time: You may wait up to 24 hr – 48 hrs for email responses due to time zone differences.
  • Quality control: It’s just a lot harder to get the quality you need when communication is difficult.

2) Technical or Marketing Focus: Some digital agencies offer core tech and development capabilities. These folks are geniuses in programming but may be tone-deaf when it comes to the importance of your brand or marketing design. The best digital agency offers a well rounded suite of skills that include marketing experience, technical capability, user experience, and visual design.

3) Cost: Cost is important but can you afford a big agency with minimum monthly retainers that cost up to $200/hr? On the other hand, can you trust a $50/hr agency? Our research indicates that right now, on our home turf of Los Angeles, the average hourly cost for a web developer is between $100 – $150.

It seems like you can’t throw a brick without hitting a web developer these days, so it will just take a little investigation before you find your ideal “clone” that can take charge of your organization’s online needs. Once you have your “you” on board, think about how much more productive you can be. Contact us at Executionists if you’d like help vetting a web agency or allowing us to be your “you”.

by admin
Posted: February 15, 2016