Website Redesigns – An Overview

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Are you thinking about a redesign of your website? If so, you are in the right place. This article provides an overview of the key phases of website redesign strategy. If you prefer a visual format, this article is also available in a series of seven short videos. Why undertake a website redesign? First and…Read more »

How Much Does a Website Cost in 2017?

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Anyone can build a website these days, but how much does it cost to build an effective website, one that will work for you and grow your business? Our 2017 article on website costs lists different types of websites, associated budgets and illuminates what separates an effective website from an ineffective one. For a no-nonsense estimate…Read more »

Client Website Questionnaire

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In order for any digital agency to provide an accurate recommendation and estimate, a certain amount of discovery is required. Our client questionnaire below starts the process by asking key questions about project requirements. If a question isnʼt relevant or you donʼt know the answer, just leave it blank. Within the list we have provided…Read more »

Critical Website Definition Documents Every Business Needs

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Developing a website is like building a house. When you want to build a house, you ask an architect to draw up the plans. The architect will get building permits, city licenses, oversee a geological survey and more, all before any actual construction begins. Without these plans and documents, the house cannot be built, and if…Read more »

The Hamburger Approach to Online Success

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If someone dropped a plain hamburger patty and a cold bun on your plate would you find it appetizing? Probably not, even though the hamburger patty is the main component of the burger, it’s the other ingredients that add the flavor and make the whole burger so delicious. In the Hamburger Approach, the hamburger patty…Read more »

Super Low-Cost Hacks for Stale Websites

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The web loves activity and thrives on constant updates and new content. If you let your website stagnate, anyone who’s visited your website more than once may notice the stale content. The important thing to keep in mind is that search engine bots that scour the web looking for intelligent life will notice your lack of activity and…Read more »

How much content do I have to write to be recognized by the search engines?

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how much content to be ecognized by search engines?
Confession: several years ago we wrote an article on website costs that hit the magical combination of content. Google picked us up as the expert source on website costs and organically boosted us to the top as the preferred website for the phrase “how much does a website cost?” This has resulted in up to…Read more »

Typography Guide

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Type Guide Graphic
Content is still "king" and the way that content is displayed is equally important. Good typography creates interest in your content, adds to the flavor of the message and improves readability. This handy typography guide provides a breakdown of basic terms and examples of fonts and font usage.   Thanks to Uber Buttons for permission to reprint this…Read more »

6 Questions to Ask About Your Law Firm’s Website

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Effective Web Design for Attorneys & Law Firms to Get More From Their Online Presence For attorneys and law firms embarking on the venture of creating or redesigning their website, the decision of choosing to invest more in the design and development of their websites is an important one.  Print marketing has been delivering steadily…Read more »

Is your website ‘all about you’?

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If your B2B website was created to inform visitors about what you do and how great you are, you might be missing the mark. Why talking about yourself doesn’t work. It might be tough to take, but frankly, the market doesn’t care about you or your business. Well, if at all, very little. For a…Read more »