Use Color to Improve Your Website Conversion

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button color psychology
How to use color to improve your website conversion During the last few decades psychology and neuroscience have repeatedly shown us that colors affect human emotions, attitudes and even actions! Web designers and UX experts decided to channel specific user behaviors, bringing focus to particular sections of the website or driving traffic to call-to-action buttons…Read more »

Our 4(.0) Favorite Updates for WordPress 4.0

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WordPress 4.0
Wordpress 4.0 is scheduled to release on August 13th, 2014.  One of our favorite CMS’s is getting a litany of new features that will improve the user experience. In this article I’ll be discussing some of our favorite new features and how to give 4.0 a test drive.   Wordpress 4.0 contains many enhancements that…Read more »

6 Scariest Web Mistakes

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6 web mistakes
Happy Halloween! In this time of year when monsters and ghouls run rampant, and people go out of their way to be frightened, it is important to differentiate “good” fear from “bad” fear. Don’t scare your users away with these scary web scenarios. Increase your sales and conversions with a few easy changes. 1) The…Read more »

‘Mobilegeddon’ is coming – is your website prepared?

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mobilegeddon image
Google has announced it’s going to be adding Mobile-friendly and indexed apps to its search ranking algorithm, in what many SEO’s are affectionately referring to as Mobilegeddon. According to Google this will be the largest search algorithm update in terms of number of websites affected in a very long time. So what does this all…Read more »

9 Simple Ways to Immediately Boost Sales on Your E-commerce Website

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Awesome products alone aren’t enough to sustain a successful e-commerce store. People have extremely low attention spans and at the slightest hiccup, Joe or Jane Average Internet User will jump to your competitor. This article highlights some simple ways to minimize user frustration, engage shoppers and ultimately, drive them towards a purchase. 1. Online shoppers…Read more »

Is your website efficient and user-friendly?

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website usability factors
There are various factors that distinguish a successful website from one doomed to reside in a dark, lonely corner of the internet.   The usability of your website is one of the most important factors that make or break your site. User-centric design has become the standard approach for successful and profit-focused web design. After all, if users can’t…Read more »