Don’t get hacked! Update your WordPress plugins before it’s too late.

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hacked wordpress
It used to be that hackers targeted corporate websites containing sensitive financial or customer information such as credit card numbers and personal information. In recent years, several of our small business clients with relatively simple informational websites have been hacked by malicious software. Hackers write code that automatically scans the web and identifies vulnerabilities within websites running older, expired software. Once a weak…Read more »

What the Mongols Can Teach Us About Cyber Security

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mongol and hacker
In the 1200's, the Mongols, led by Genghis Khan, attacked and pillaged hundreds of cities in their raids across the steppes of Central Asia. These cities were attacked multiple times over a period of years, each time failing to adequately prepare for the next attack. History repeats itself because the mindset of these city rulers…Read more »

Update, Manage, and Review!

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update your IT
Updates In real estate they say “Location, Location, Location!” For IT systems it should be “Update, Update, Update!”  Operating Systems, applications, browsers, hardware firmware, printer drivers, video drivers, NIC drivers – literally every device and every program requires constant, consistent patching. There are even updates to the updaters! Updates address issues from bug fixes and…Read more »

The Viagra Code

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The bright morning sun streamed through the open window of Robert Langston’s office at his toy manufacturing company. His great-grandfather had started the business from a pushcart, and Robert had proudly led the family business into the modern era with e-commerce and a worldwide customer base. Robert sat at his desk, reading an email from…Read more »

Scary Website Tales – 2015

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scary web stories 2015
What can cause you to suffer restless nights? What can send you on a roller coaster ride of frustration and rage? What can plunge your life into a Bermuda Triangle of horrors? Read on if you dare, these three, very true, Halloween infused tales and prepare yourself so you don’t suffer a similar fate (cue…Read more »

How To Protect Your Business Website from Hacking and Malware

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Cyber attacks cost small and medium-size businesses an average of $188,242 each year, according to a Symantec/NCSA report, and almost two-thirds of victimized companies are forced out of business within six months of being attacked as a result of being unable to cope with these attacks. How To Spot A Hack Here are some of the most…Read more »

Does Legalized Pot Equate to a Rise in Cyber Crime?

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legal weed cyber crime
Does the rapid legalization of medical marijuana in the US, 20 states to date, and legalization by countries around the world contribute to cyber crime? This is the question I asked myself when I read that Uruguay is planning to start selling marijuana legally next year for $1 a gram. Forgive me if I'm late to the party,…Read more »

Why Are Small Businesses Websites Hacked?

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Small to mid-sized, web-based businesses are often the number one target for hackers, why?... Many small businesses are on shared servers. This multiplies the potential access points for a hacker to exploit. Small to mid-size businesses usually don't have an IT department that keeps server hardware and software up-to-date. Website versions and plug-ins are often out-of-date…Read more »

How To Protect Your Privacy Online

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The recent exposé of the National Security Agency (NSA) surveillance programs has left many Americans worried that the privacy of their personal data and communications has been compromised.  One of the largest areas of concern revolves around the data and information we share online. Knowing how to secure and protect your personal information online is…Read more »

If My Website Works, Why Should I Care If It’s Hacked?

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I was enjoying a flight of Belgium beers at the local Yard House with my friend Jayme Check, a business management consultant at Quantum Leap.  I was telling him about a new series of website maintenance services we are offering. The services center on updating and maintaining websites built on Wordpress, Magento and Drupal platforms…Read more »